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A guide written for the homeowner to help you decide what services you might need and how to find the right REPA Member Professional.

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This is a searchable database of REPA Members who provide professional Energy Efficiency services in New Hampshire.

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This is a database of Questions and Answers about Residential Energy Efficiency.

The New Hampshire Residential Energy Performance Association (REPA) is an organization made up of individual Certified Energy Professionals providing Energy Efficiency Services in NH.

REPA promotes building energy best practices in New Hampshire. We do this through:

  • Improving member expertise with state-of-the-art education and networking.
  • Advancing energy-related building science best practices that improve the comfort, durability and efficiency of New Hampshire’s residential force.
  • Fostering a qualified and professional work force.
  • Improving customer confidence in the building energy field.
  • Providing a local source of information on building energy matters.